2022 Is Off and Running

Hey There Income Hunters, 


Everyone loves a new year.


A fresh start.


A clean slate.


For some it’s a new wave of resolutions with hopes of the chiseled body they’ve been dreaming about.


For traders it’s renewed confidence you can take your game to the next level.


Power Income Trader is rolling out of the gate strong after adding a couple of tax-selling names late last week at bargain basement prices.


Today I’ll share the trades and a couple of other stocks to consider this week …


Making Moves


I've been touting a numb34 very oversold stocks the past couple of weeks and I’ve purchased a few, including:


Uranium Royalty Corp. (Ticker: UROY)


UROY is a great “pure play” on Uranium for a couple of important reasons:


      • The company signed a financial partnership agreement with TD Securities and BMO Capital Markets, among others, to distribute up to $40 million of shares to the market. The shares do not come with warrants, so dilution is lessened.
      •  UROY is a royalty company that provides investments in many producers for a percentage of the profits. This reduces the company’s risk and is why UROY is considered a pure play on uranium.


Teladoc Health, Inc. (Ticker: TDOC)


Teladoc is the oldest telemedicine company in the US. Since its founding in 2002, the company has been a pioneer of modern, scalable telehealth services.


TDOC’s October 2020 acquisition of Livongo, a leader in virtual diabetes care management, provides a lucrative end market and a potential competitive advantage.


By packaging traditional telehealth services with remote patient monitoring solutions for chronic diseases, Teladoc offers a unique value proposition.


TDOC is expected to grow at about a 31% five-year compound annual growth rate. It could be higher thanks to the Livongo acquisition, which introduced the company to the $50 billion market of remote patient monitoring for individuals.


Down 71% is a screaming buy for TDOC, which trades at a 50% discount to price and offers an excellent growth and value proposition that will reap some awesome rewards in 2022.


I think TDOC could break above $100 in the weeks ahead …


It’s just what the doctor ordered!


Nikola Corporation (Ticker: NKLA)

Before Christmas NKLA had rallied almost 20% after announcing its first electric truck delivery.


The beauty of this delivery is that it’s a proof of concept with Total Transportation services who signed a letter of intent to deliver 100 NKLA electric trucks.


This deal includes a pilot project that requires the delivery of two battery electric trucks and two fuel-cell electric trucks.


Upon successful completion of the pilot, the letter of intent calls for 30 BEV deliveries in FY 2022 and 70 FCEV deliveries in FY 2023.


 I am willing to take a shot down here … If they deliver this could be a 4+ bagger.


I love picking up decent companies that are down 70% from the high … Another stock trading at almost a 50% discount.


Bring It Home


If you want direct alerts on the exact trades I’m executing, along with analysis on why the trade makes sense and the money flows that are driving it subscribe to Power Income Trader today.


And be sure to register for the no-cost TradeFest on Jan. 13.


I go live at 12:30 and every other Option Pit Trader will be live at some point throughout the day.


You definitely don’t want to miss out!


Until then …


Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,




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