Your (Belated) Free Gift

Hi Shoppers,

I am so very sorry I missed everyone at Thursday’s big event!

From all I’ve heard, it was a huge success.

I caught some kind of bug that has held me down, so I am going for the Covid test today to find out …

But I didn’t even stay out past 11 p.m.! 

So, I will let  you know …

And if I do happen to have  Covid, can I skip the vaccine?


The ENTIRE OP team (minus me) went live on Thursday.

Mark, Andrew, Griff, Frank (and a special crypto guest) covered SO MUCH ground — from ciphering trading charts to lucrative plays that leverage MASSIVE Fed spending for profit — 

Bottom line … attendees walked away better, more confident traders!

Now you can too!

Click here for the curated Option Pit Round Robin highlights!


My plan was to discuss my three favorite Japanese candlesticks and give you this free, quick reference guide below to print out, laminate and keep at your trading desk …

Email me and I’ll send you a signed copy. Ha!

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