Where to Now?

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The VIX settled at 43.35, the lowest level since March 6th, when the VIX closed 41.95

The question now is where to next.  The Index has clearly begun to flatten over the last couple days, after a total beat down last week.  What is fascinating is that while the market moves higher by 260 points, the VIX has basically spun its wheels.  

The index closed today, almost exactly at the low from Monday.  It is interesting that there seems to be so little VIX pain this week, after a total beat down last week.  

What is so odd is that not only is the market up, BUT WE ARE ALSO HEADING INTO A 3 DAY WEEKEND.

I look at what I see, the VIX market still firmly backward, EXCEPT when it comes to April futures.

If VIX can get below April, maybe May, we could see the 1st RED light in volatility, ie the VIX in a while.  This means VIX going down, regardless of the market, but it would help if realized volatility would tick DOWN instead of ticking up.  A 175 and 90 point day DO NOT HELP.

Option Pit Vol Traffic Light:  Yellow.

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