When Will It Stop?

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The VIX got beat down yesterday on the heels for a giant S&P 500 rally.
The S&P 500 was up 76 points or 2.66%
The VIX closed at 31.25.
A 31.25 VIX implies a daily move of less than 2% a day for the S&P 500.
This would mean that today, we saw a rally that moved harder than the VIX closed
Essentially, VIX is making a big bet on the market continuing to calm down. 
But, if the S&P 500 rallies like it did today, should the VIX drop?  No…and it won’t.
VIX tries to be forward looking but still reacts to movement in the S&P 500 in the end.  If the SPX keeps charging, the VIX is going to pop.
More likely, I think we could see a strong rally met with MORE VIX selling when the SPX finally takes a day off or two to drop.
Do I think we could see a 40 VIX again?  YES.  I DO.  ESPECIALLY if cases of Covid-19 pop.  
But for the time being, I think we could see some smoother sailing higher.
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The VIX Traffic light is RED meaning we expect VIX to be LOWER 30 days from now.

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