VIX Light Flashed Red!!

Hey traders!

At the end of last week,  things seemed to be running out of gas.

The VIX futures were getting DESTROYED…

my VIX light was flashing red.

And I was about to get a change in signals…

However, there were signs that maybe this VIX crush was to be short lived….

Noticeably the VVIX.

(As a quick reminder VVIX is the volatility of the VIX itself)

Since the middle of last week,  the VVIX has had a noticeable change in trend. And as a quick pro tip. We used to watch the “vol of vol” ourselves by our own calculations back in the day. Now its done for us AND tradeable. Cool huh!?

Since touching below 95,  the VVIX has gone almost straight up.

It has not backed off rallying or flat every day since the end of September.

This is showing me there’s the potential that the VIX has one last gasp over 30…

Maybe around an event that takes place in about 3 weeks(wink-wink)

The VIX light is Yellow

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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