[Video] 2-Minute Drill: Will Powell Blow It Again??

Hey There Income Hunters,

I cannot believe we are in this situation again.

Fed Chairman Jerome “J-Pow” Powell, with the weight of the markets on his shoulders, standing on one leg … on top of a banana peel.

That’s really the way I feel about this fiasco!

The Fed and the Treasury are apparently both clueless as to how the market really operates …

Regardless … There is one thing he must — absolutely must — announce tomorrow …

And if he doesn’t all hell will break loose … 

^See what this vital announcement is in the short video above^

Also, tomorrow during Wednesday’s weekly Power Income LIVE, I’ll go through what else is happening at the Fed and Treasury — and the trades I’m making to capitalize on the unfolding trends …

Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,


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