Two Great Shows

Hi Shoppers,


My husband and I recently saw one of the best shows I think I’ve ever seen.


I simply loved it!


A one-man show at the small Mercury Theater in Chicago, “I’m Not a Comedian … I’m Lenny Bruce”.



It was sooo goood!


In his own words, the playwright and actor Ronnie Marmo said:


“During these tumultuous times, I believe he is the voice this country needs. In the 1960s, he exposed many of the ‘untouchable/ subjects that are in the news again now:  religion, racism, immigration, xenophobia, gender inequality, sexual identitiy, the criminal justice system, capital punishment, bail reform, government aid, police brutality, corrupt capitalism, the opiate epidemic, marijuana legalization, censorship, I could go on and on. So here we are, over 50 years later, all of the issues Lenny was fighting for are still so relevant and even radical. In certain ways, we’ve progressed since Lenny was with us, and in many, we have regressed.”


The police would literally wait in the back of the comedy night clubs Lenny performed in ready to arrest him for using obscenities! 


Just for swearing on stage!


I highly recommend you see this show if it comes anywhere near you.


Speaking of live performances, our very own Bill Griffo will be holding his live “performance” on Tuesday at 1 p.m. EST.


In Bill’s own words:


“I’ll break down Fed policy and reveal how you can beat the central bank at its own game. There is only one force in economics that the Fed has no control over, and I will show you how to put that force behind you to create massive profits starting in 2022.”

Register here now.

I know I will be there!

As for the candlesticks …


PEP In Our Step


Check out the Pepsi (Ticker: PEP) stock chart:



A shooting star can indicate a pull-back from an uptrend, which PEP already started on Friday.


I think PEP has the potential to trade to $165.



      • If PEP opens and trades lower Monday morning, I will be a buyer of the Dec. 23 167.50 puts and pay up to $1.20.
      • These expire on Thursday (Christmas Eve … eve!), so I am looking for a quick move lower. If that doesn’t happen, I will take my loss around $.85. 
      • I will begin profit taking in the $2.00 area.

Trade Review


On Friday, I recommended buying puts in the Invesco QQQ Trust (Ticker: QQQ). The QQQs opened and traded lower, so you could have jumped on any of those puts and taken a quick ride down and made some money.


One of my Option Shoppers, Mikell:


(The) QQQ 386/381put worked good today. Worked like you described. I only bought one to see If I understood and (it) worked …


Don’t forget to join us for Griff’s Live Session on Tuesday at 1:00 ET.


Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!


Licia Leslie

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