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Hi Shoppers,


Let me show you two charts that I believe are heading into reversals.


They are both in the electric car battery business.


The first stock is FuelCell Energy (Ticker: FCEL):



FCEL has traded from $6.42 on May 11 to a high of $12.62 yesterday. I think it’s ready for a pullback, possibly to the $9.50 area.


This doji is my indicator of a reversal. Remember a doji is found at the top of an uptrend or at the bottom of a downtrend and signifies a change in sentiment.


Looking at the options chain, I would like to buy the June 18 12-strike puts for around $1.15.


I will get out of these if they trade down to $.60-$.65. I will begin to take profits $2 and higher.



The second stock I am looking at is Plug Power (Ticker:PLUG). It’s chart is very similar:



PLUG has gone from a low of $18.47 on May 11 (same day as FCEL), to a high yesterday of $34.38.


It has a doji signifying a possible pullback.


I like buying the June 18 33-strike puts for around $1.75.



I will begin to take profits on these in the $3 area and bail out if they trade down to $1.20.


Let’s Review Past Trades


      • I sold my Quantumscape (Ticker: QS) June18 26-/31-strike call spread for $2.96 for a 96% profit.
      • In SPDR S&P Oil and Gas (Ticker: XOP), I still have on the June18 95-/100-strike call spread on. It is currently up 49%. I was looking for XOP to trade $100; the high yesterday was $98.61. I will be watching this closely to take my money.
      • My Rocket Companies (Ticker: RKT) June 18 19.50-/29.89-strike call spread is doing well, closing yesterday up 82%. I know you are thinking, why isn’t she taking the money?Looking at the chart, RKT is still looking strong, but I will be watching closely.
      • General Motors (Ticker: GM) was a no go, the stock did not trade lower, so no trade.


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Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!


Licia Leslie

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