Trust Yourself or Your Research

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As you know when the VIX Light Turns red, that means that our indicators see the VIX more likely to be lower 30 days from now than flat or up.

While I am willing to trade on this light (it’s usually right), there is always Mark the trader with years of trading experience.

This Mark the trader sees a market where 20% of the S&P 500 is tied up in 1% of its composite.  

The NDX is worse in that 50% of the index is 5 stocks.  

I see a rally that is like nothing I have ever seen.  

I also see a rally that is eating itself up as money begets money and chases the big 5 higher.

Take a look at XLI

Now take a look at the QQQ

Now look at the S&P 500

The S&P 500 is essentially a portfolio that is 30% the QQQ and 70% XLI.  That is why performance has been strong.

So, the point is, these indicators have been tested and developed across many markets, not one like this.

Then I remember, I could have said that in almost EVERY other previous market where I did not trust my own research (the research was usually right).

Your Only Option,


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