[PR] There Is Only One AAPL Question

Yesterday was my free live event where I spoke about what the best Covid Recovery trade looks like, along with a ton of info on how to trade options for maximum return. Stay tuned for more…

There is one big question:

How long can AAPL hold up the stock market?

The entire market got face-punched today.

AAPL though, down less than 2%.

Since Feb 20, AAPL is up 40 dollars…

…more than 10%.

Just about everything else is flat, at best.

Most of the market though actually stinks.

Take a look at XLI relative to AAPL from the last 6 months.

Industrials are down about 20% this year, still.

So when you hear that there is no opportunity to make money in this market….

you are being lied to.

There is a TON of money that will be made this year.

It just won’t be in AAPL and probably not MSFT, AMZN, or GOOGL.

XLI is going to catch up, it won’t stay this bad…

…or things go the other way and AAPL catches up to XLI…

Stay Tuned

Your Only Option,


P.S. – Does it scare you what I said above??  It should!  This is why I trade my elite service, Sharp B.E.T.S. If trades aren’t there in these big names, then we don’t trade them and move on.  That simple.

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