Population Freak Out

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For the first time on record, the U.S. could experience a decrease in population, according to reports

Apparently during recessions the birth rate goes down, but historically rebounds.

After our most recent birth rate peak in 2007 (which wasn’t even close to the birth rate of the 1960s), we had a recession and economic expansion, but our birth rate has not regained its footing.

Looking at the chart above, we have actually fallen off the cliff.

“The economy of the developed world for the last two centuries now has been built on demographic expansion,” Richard Jackson, president of the Global Aging Institute, a nonprofit research and education group, told the Wall Street Journal. “We no longer have this long-term economic and geopolitical advantage.”

Well, the good news is, with all that extra time not on folks’ hands not raising children, they can tackle a range of home improvement projects.

Which gave me a great idea in Lowes (Ticker: LOW)!

Highs for LOW

Look at the breakout on the LOW stock chart:

I think LOW is heading back to at least $205 — and I think it will happen this week.

So, if it opens and trades higher this morning, I will buy the July 30 200/205 call spread and pay up to $1.80 for this five-point spread expiring on Friday.

Time will be running against me, so I need the stock to move higher quickly.

I will take my losses around $1.25 and begin profit taking around $3 area.

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