Mark Your Calendars

Hi Shoppers,

I want you all to mark your calendars from the opening of the market at 9:30 AM ET until the close at 4:00 PM ET this Thursday January 13th.

That’s right!

You are invited to join the entire Option Pit team for a full day of live trading.

We will be live nonstop for the entire trading day.

It’s our first ever Option Pit Trade Fest and it is going to be awesome!

You will get insights from Mark Sebastian himself, his stock market outlook for the year, and insight into how volatility will be moving.

Our Director of Education, Andrew Giovinazzi, known as the best options instructor ever, will be there to show you how to take your trading up to the next level. 

Bill Griffo, our official Fed specialist, will be there to talk about how this year’s market is going to be affected by the Fed’s decisions on rates, tightening, and the QE taper. 

I will be there to teach you the Power of the Doji and I will be taking requests from you to analyze individual stock charts. 

Last but certainly not least, Frank Gregory, our DC Insider, along with Andrew Giovinazzi, will inform you of all that is happening at the capitol, which sectors will move due to their decisions, and how to profit from it.

We have never done anything like this, and it is going to be phenomenal! 

You absolutely will want to be there to get a handle on the next year of trading, and possibly win a prize!

Sign up right here to attend!

AND it is all complimentary, so no excuse not to be there.

Here’s an example of how the Option Pit team members benefit and profit off of each other’s insights.

Bill Griffo has given me a great trade idea in his last write up: Jobs Report Fuel for Fed Hawks.

Griff talks about going long US Treasuries and guess what? 

The charts agree with him!

Check it out:

iShares 7-10 Year Treasury (Ticker: IEF) has a hammer candlestick formation on Friday.

I will watch for an opening and if it is trading higher tomorrow morning.

I think IEF can trade back to $114.74, and possibly $116.50.

Looking at the Jan. 21 calls, there is a cheap shot I will take:

The Jan.21 113-strike calls are only $0.40-ish. I think this is a great inexpensive way to play the upside in IEF.

The iShares Barclays 3-7 Year Treasuries (Ticker: IEI) has a similar chart:

The Jan.21 calls in here also provide a cheap shot to the upside:

The Jan.21 127-strike calls are $0.37 in the money, and the market is $0.45-$0.60.

As you can see, these are far less liquid than the IEF calls above, but something to watch.

You can take part in our TradeFest Thursday and see how all our traders here at Option Pit benefit and complement one another in live action.

Don’t miss it!

Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday AND Thursday!

Licia Leslie

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