Live Music for Live People

I may be aging myself, but I have to tell you just how much I enjoyed Barry Manilow’s Show.


First of all, we all know there is nothing like live music.


My grandfather was a musician who played the bass and the violin.


His business card said “Live Music for Live People”. 


Boy was he a “Live Person.” Such a great guy!


Every time I was grounded he would say, “It’s ok, honey, as  long as you had a good time.”


Ha! That always made me feel better, as I was grounded quite a bit.


My grandfather is actually playing the violin on Bing Crosby’s original recording of White Christmas.


We have a recording of Bing Crosby going around and introducing the band and when my grandfather said his name is Israel Rosenbaum, Bing said, “How the hell did you get in here?”


My grandfather loved that story.


Barry Manilow is 78 years old and he still has a ton of energy.



It’s amazing how those old songs can just transport you back to your childhood, my parents would play Barry’s eight track tapes.


My girlfriends and I had such a good time we are planning on seeing him in Vegas, now there’s a good time!

Speaking of good times, let’s check out my latest trade idea …


It’s a RIOT


Monday’s candle formation in Riot Blockchain (Ticker: RIOT) is a doji signaling an end to the downtrend beginning on December first when the high was $40.95:



Yesterday’s move provides a confirmation for RIOT to trade higher closing at $24.05.


If it opens and continues to move higher today, I will be a buyer of the Dec. 31 calls:



      • I like buying the Dec31 24 calls outright, I would pay around $1.50.
      • If these trade down below $1.05, I will take my losses.
      • I will begin profit taking at the $2.80 level and higher.


Trade Review


My last letter recommended Pepsi (Ticker:  PEP) puts.


I ended up buying the Dec. 23 167.50 puts and I paid $1.14. These are quite a bit lower right now, but PEP has shown some weakness even with yesterday’s overall huge rally.


If the market gives some back today, these could be a winner. 


Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!


Licia Leslie

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