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Hi Shoppers,

Big news. Big. Huge!


I’m inviting you to join me on Thursday evening at 8 EST for a special live event where I’ll share — in full detail, for the first time ever — my Option Shopper method!


As Profits in Pumps readers/shoppers, you are familiar with my trading style, use of Japanese candlesticks, vertical spreads, etc.


On Thursday, I’ll show you how I put all the pieces together to create 220% profits in thirteen months!


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And I’ll be revealing an EXCLUSIVE trade to attendees on Thursday. 


All you need to do is show up!


Now for some trade talk today …


What’s Goin’ On?


The past week for the markets has been crazy


See the cryptos this weekend? WOW!!


Check out the Investco QQQ Trust (Ticker: QQQ) chart:



Do you see what I see? (Christmas song in your head all day now :-D).


Friday’s candle is bearishly engulfing all of Thursday’s candle, which could be a signal of lower prices.


QQQ closed $383.13 and I think it has potential to trade down to $373-$374.


If QQQ opens and trades lower on Monday, I will be a buyer of the Dec. 10 expiration cycle with only a week to go.



      • I like buying the Dec. 10 382.50 puts with an implied volatility of 30.05 and selling the Dec. 10 372.50 puts with an IV of 34.20.


That’s a good four points of vol edge.


      • I will pay around $3.10 for this 10-point spread with exactly a week of life.


      • I will exit if the spread trades down to $2.10 and I will begin profit taking over $5.50.


Trade Review


      • On Friday, I recommended a call spread in Square (Ticker: SQ) after seeing a possible doji candle.


SQ traded down almost $18 at its lowest point on Friday!


This is why waiting for a confirmation is so important.


Not confirmed, no trade, no money lost.


Do you see what I see?  I will see you Thursday!


Thanks for Reading


Licia Leslie

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