[Inside] What To Do About RobinHood/Fed

Midnight – This comes down.

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Murphy’s Law

If something bad can happen…it will.

This could not be more true for the markets.

We listened to the head of the FOMC explain we were going to need especially easy credit for the next two years.

The NASDAQ-100 hit a new all time high.

Two sentences we are not supposed to hear in the same WEEK in the financial news.

Heck I don’t expect something like that in the same month.

But it happened.

It happened just as the news media began to press how well the ‘robinhood’  trader was doing right now.

This took place as a bankrupt company,  got permission to sell worthless stock to uneducated investors….by a FEDERAL JUDGE.

Thus it is no surprise that a new all time high in the NDX can happen in the same week as the S&P 500 selling off over 150 points.

This week I expect to see more of the same:

more selling…

…and more “robin-buying”.

Volatility is back….

but really it never left.

We truly are, whether you want to accept it or not, in a state of:

Permanent volatility.

If you aren’t trading that way, you will end up losing.

Your Only Option,


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