Inflation, Fed: What Do I Do?

Hi Shoppers,


Inflation, inflation, inflation.


Fed, Fed, Fed.


Isn’t that all we are hearing about these days?


It can be so confusing and difficult to figure out how you and your portfolio will be affected by it all.


Which are the sectors to buy?


Which to sell?


Here at Option Pit we are fortunate enough to have just the man to guide you through all these market changes and confusion.


That’s right, our very own Bill Griffo Head Income Trader has the answers.


He’s been involved in the fixed income and commodities markets for his entire 40-year career.


While working at Bear Stearns, he had a trading year during which he generated $60 million in profits.


You can check out his recent trading record below. He is killing it!



With Griff, you get the real deal. The man knows his macroeconomic stuff and how to profit from it before anyone else does.


It’s also, as you can note, short hold times, and the trades are low-risk.


Meet Bill Griffo Tuesday at 8 PM EST during his special live, free-of-charge event where he will reveal his EXACT trading method and how to profit from the Fed and inflation.


Plus, he will be giving attendees a free actionable trade idea.


AND you’ll get Griff’s latest special report just for registering


After you’ve signed up for Griff’s event, read on to see my trade idea for Monday …


Give Yourself A Coke


Check out this beauty of a doji in Coca-Cola (Ticker: KO):



Remember a doji can signal a change in trend is about to occur.


It is a candle formation with a long upper and lower shadow and a very small or nonexistent real body.


It shows how the bulls and bears are duking it out without any one side dominating.


This beauty in KO shows that on Friday the bulls are beginning to lose ground.


KO has traded up almost $6 or 11% since October 6. 


I think this doji (have I mentioned what a perfect specimen it is?) is signaling a pullback to $54.70 to close the gap created on October 27.


So that is just two bucks from Friday’s close of $56.84.


But I have a super-cheap and quick way to make money on that two dollar move.


Looking at the Nov. 19 puts:



      • The 57 strike puts, which are already $.16 in the money, are only $.63. This is a very inexpensive and quick way to perhaps double your money. They expire in two weeks.
      • If KO opens and trades lower on Monday,  will be a buyer of these paying around $.63.
      • If they trade down to $.40, I will take my losses. I will take in some profits at $1.20 and higher.


Trade Review

  • Alcoa (Ticker: AA) traded higher on Friday, creating a nice green bullish candle. I think AA is going to trade back towards $50, where I will sell my Nov. 19 48/53 call spread.
  • Greenidge Generation (Ticker:  GREE) made an alarming super quick run up on Friday. I am still long the Nov19 30/50 call spread and it is still in play here.


Thanks for Reading … I will literally “See You Tuesday” for Griff’s awesome event.

Licia Leslie

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