Highway to Hell?

Hi Shoppers,

Check out the stock chart for Ford Motors (Ticker: F):

F has traded down since June 4, when it hit a recent high of $16.45

The low was $13.74 on Thursday — which is looking like a doji candlestick.

Remember, the doji signifies a change in trend. In this case a reversal from the recent downtrend.

I think F can trade back towards $16, and I think it could happen this week.

So if F opens and trades higher this morning, I will buy the July 16 14.50-strike calls and pay up to $.25.

That is what you call a super-duper cheap quick shot.

Yes, that is a professional term, by the way.

These calls can trade up to $.75 and higher, and that is where I will begin to take my profits.

Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!

Licia Leslie

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