Head and Shoulders Pattern

Hi Shoppers,


I am seeing an inverse head and shoulders pattern in Delta Airlines (Ticker:  DAL):



I think DAL can continue to trade higher from here. I think it can trade back to $48.


With the crazy moves we’ve been having, especially yesterday, I will watch this closely before buying my calls.


I am looking to buy the Oct. 15 44-strike calls, paying up to $1.20.


I will be watching the market in general, too. If we have a big down day again today, I will wait to buy these.


Trade Review


      • In iShares FTSE China (Ticker:  FXI), I still have my calls and FXI actually held up pretty well during yesterday’s selloff.
      • I recommended calls in Draftkings (Ticker:  DKNG) and puts in MGM Resorts (Ticker:  MGM), neither stock made the move I was predicting so no trades were made.


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Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!


Licia Leslie

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