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Hello Shoppers,


My trade idea today is in United Parcel Service (Ticker: UPS) which reminds me of my favorite wines.


That is because I order wine online from Dry Farm Wines and UPS delivers it to my door.



Dry Farm specializes in organic wines from grapes grown on family farms (as you know, I am all about supporting the independent little guy/gal). 


The wines are sugar-free, zero additives, high in antioxidants and have lower alcohol levels.


I like the reds, which usually come from France. Each bottle tells the exact region in the country it came from.


They also send from Austria, Italy and Germany.


Dry Farm offers white, rose and sparkling wines. The sparklings are good, too,


So, I buy a case at a time which averages to roughly $26 per bottle.


I can honestly say that I have not gotten a bad bottle of wine. If you don’t like it, though, they are happy to exchange it or refund you.


I love this service and have gotten to the point where I do not like “regular” wines anymore.


Dry Farm wines taste delicious and you never get a headache!


Just be sure your state accepts alcohol deliveries. Arkansas, for instance, does not.


Check them out and check out my trade idea in UPS.


Check out the United Parcel Service (Ticker: UPS) stock chart:



We have several things happening. UPS has closed the gap created back on April 27th, and we have a hammer candle formed on Friday.


I think UPS will be trading higher from its Friday closing of $181.49 back to $188 and possibly $198.


Looking at the calls, I like buying the Oct. 15 expiration cycle:



      • If UPS opens and trades higher today, I will be buying the Oct15 $182.50 calls and selling the Oct. 15 190 calls and pay about $2-$2.10.
      • I will take my loss on this spread if it trades down to $1.40 and begin to take my profits in the $3.50 area.

Enjoy your wine and remember to drink responsibly …  ha!


Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!


Licia Leslie

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