Has the World Gone Mad?

Hi Shoppers,

Sorry not sorry — I am ranting again!

I just feel like there isn’t any REAL information out there.

“They” want us all to get the Covid vaccine but …  uh oh …  six people out of 6.8 million have gotten blood clots.

Wait. What? That is .00000088 percent of the total number of people vaccinated.

Do ANY of our medications or vaccinations have a better record than that???

What is going on here? I simply do not understand it.

“They” are making it sound like we can never go back to normal.

When one Congressman asks Dr Fauci about all of this, the hearing chairperson told her colleague to shut his mouth!


By the way, why are Michigan’s Covid cases going up while cases in Florida and Texas  remain stable?

Just asking for … me!

What the hell is going on?

OK, I’m done. 

Let’s Trade!

Do you realize the market has gone up 15 of the last 16 trading days?

Yep, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (Ticker: SPY) has only one red candlestick since March 25.

And guess what Friday’s candlestick was … a doji.

A doji at the top of the uptrend could signal a change in the trend.

It has a very small or nonexistent body and upper and lower shadows.

This candle is formed when the buyers and sellers are represented equally in the market. 

Neither the bulls or the bears won the interval.

If SPY opens lower than $417.25 on Monday morning, this will be the confirmation of the doji.

I would like to purchase puts, with a shorter term expiration date, just out of the money.

So, I am looking at the Apr21 415 puts:

Since these puts are trading $1.18, I will not be selling another put against it.

I like the idea of this low-dollar entry level with unlimited profit potential.

My limit is the time frame of only a week and decay working against me.

I believe SPY will move low enough to make at least a dollar on these.

I will take my loss if these puts trade down to $.80

Trade Updates

On April 7, I wrote about an eBay (Ticker: EBAY) put spread … but hit my loss target price and took down a 26% loss.

But that’s OK because …

On April 10, I wrote about a put spread in Facebook (Ticker: FB) … The stock opened lower so I had to wait until Tuesday to pay $2.10 for Apr16 310/300 spread. 

FB traded down over $6 the following day and I was able to sell the spread at $4.20, $5.00 and $6.00 for a nice total gain of 130% — in one day!

Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg! Ha!

My Lockheed Martin spread idea on April 12 never took off because I did not get the confirmation I was looking for. The stock opened higher … so no trade and no loss.

I promise to try and control my ranting and raving … but someone has to say something!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!

Licia Leslie

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