Great News!

I have great news for you!


You’re invited to attend a special private strategy session — the first-ever Option PIt Insider session — today at 4 p.m. EST, with Mark Sebastian, Bill Griffo AND Frank Gregory.


That’s right!


They are gathering for this special pow-wow to break down all the latest regarding the Virginia and New Jersey elections … that would be our D.C. insider Frank’s department, after all.


With a stunning outcome in the Commonwealth, what does this mean for the markets?


They’ll also bring in Bill Griffo to explain the Federal Open Market Committee’s decision on interest rates to be announced this afternoon.


Where does the market go once the Fed makes its announcement? Griff has all the answers. (And all the profits.)


And of course our very own Big Money Flow expert, Mark Sebastian himself, will be there with all his insights on market action and volatility.


They have decided to wrap this all up AND give you a month of Big Money Flow Membership for only $99!


As a member of Big Money Flow, you will receive …


      • 1-2 trades a week
      • 2 Live Trading Sessions a week called the Big Money Flow Show
      • Daily Big Money Flow top five and trade discussion email
      • 24/7 access to the Option Pit Members only website
      • Over 6 hours of Boot Camp educational videos AND almost 3 hours of the VIX Primer educational videos


The hours of educational videos are worth over $500 alone.


You can attend the Option Pit Insider private event strategy session and become a Big Money Flow Member for a month all for only $99.


That’s a steal, Shoppers!


As for regular programming …


Alcoa Revisited


Shoppers, on Oct. 20 I recommended buying a put spread in Alcoa (Ticker: AA) and predicted AA would trade down to $46 from $53.68.


Well, guess what? AA traded $46 on October 27.


Too bad I didn’t hang on to my spread.I took my profits up 53%, which isn’t too shabby. Had I hung on and trusted my prediction, I could have been up over 80%.


But that’s OK.


Looking at AA today, I think it is “hammering” out a base and sitting right on a support line.


I think AA could trade higher from here:



If AA opens higher and trades out of this coiled up area, which would be up around $48, I will be a buyer of the Nov. 19 48/53 call spread:



      • I will pay $1.50-$1.60 for this five point spread with 17 days until expiration.
      • If it trades down to a buck, I will take my losses.
      • I think AA can trade back to $51 or higher, so I will take my profits $3 and higher.

Trade Review


      • I ended up buying the Greenidge Generation (Ticker: GREE) Nov19 30/50 call spread yesterday. I was a bit premature and paid too much at $2.25. It is down from here, but I think the chart is forming a bull flag and will trade higher. If not, I will be out.
      • My American Airlines (TIcker: AAL) Nov. 19 19.50-strike calls are up 14% here and I think AAL will make another leg up.
      • In Haliburton (Ticker: HAL), my Nov. 19 26-strike puts are up 9% and have traded higher. I still think HAL has another buck and half lower to go.




Thanks for Reading,


Licia Leslie

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