Government Flip-Flop

Hi Shoppers,

I am still not sure about the net neutrality dilemma, but I have two good trading ideas in the communications sector.

Check out the stock chart of Comcast (Ticker: CMCSA):

Looks to me like CMCSA is ready for a bit of a down swing. and I have found the perfect, inexpensive way to make money on it.

Looking at the July 23 puts right out-of-the-money, I like buying the 57.50 puts paying up to $.60.

I think CMCSA can trade down to $53.50 and these puts will be golden.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

My other idea is in AT&T (Ticker: T).

Check out the chart:

Not looking so hot.

In fact, yesterday’s candle could turn out to be a bearish engulfing candle.

I think T has the possibility to trade down to $26.50 by next Friday, so I am looking at the July 23 28-strike puts, and I will pay up to $.33.

There you have it folks, two super-duper quick cheap shots.

I told you that was a professional term.

If these stocks open and trade lower today, I will execute these trades.

Trade Review

      • I hope you followed me into (Ticker: JD) on Monday. I bought five of the July 16 73.50-strike calls and paid $1.25. I sold them yesterday, four at $2.57 and one at $3.05. The high of the day was $4.05.
      • I am still long my Ford (Ticker: F) July 16 14.50-strike calls. I paid $.23 on Monday and they went out last night at $.14. I still think these have a very good chance of doubling at the very least by Friday.
      • My live trading record is here!

Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!

Licia Leslie

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