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Norwegian Cruise Lines (Ticker: NCLH) looks like it has just bounced off a supporting line:

Monday’s candle is also a doji with a strong bullish green candle following.

I think NCLH can trade back up towards $29.

Looking at the options I like the Oct22 expiration. It is just before NCLH earnings date of November 8th.

Unless NCLH completely falls apart today, I will pay $0.80-$0.85 for the Oct22 27-strike calls.

I will take my losses if these trade down to $0.60, and I will take my profits when they trade up to $1.80-$2.00.

Trade Review

Ishares FTSE China (Ticker:  FXXI)  traded a high of $40.62 on Monday allowing the Oct15 calls to trade as high as $0.80, which would reduce my loss on those to 21%.

Riot Blockchain (Ticker:  RIOT) traded a high of $28.90 taking the Oct15 26/31 call spread up over $2.00, which would be a 33% winner.

Please send me your favorite travel book, I am always looking for something new to read.

Thanks for Reading … See You Next Tuesday!

Licia Leslie

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