Hi Shoppers,


I have a HUGE shout out again to our Head Income Trade Bill Griffo!





As I noted yesterday, thanks to Griff, I had a 100% winner within a three-hour time frame this week


That’s what happened with my Ishares Barclays 20 Year Treasury (Ticker:  TLT) trade I recommended Wednesday morning.


Having Griff on the OP team has been an invaluable asset.


He really knows his macro stuff!


Griff notifies us when there is a bond auction and how this has a major impact on supply.


Also, a little tidbit I bet not everyone knows, but as Griff pointed out, the Fed is not allowed to purchase treasuries during these auctions. Good to know!


After Griff’s presentation, I looked up the TLT chart and I saw a shooting star candle formation, which can signal a change in an uptrend.


I paid $1.60 for the Nov. 19 150.50 puts and in less than three hours, I was able to sell them at $3.20. 


That’s 100% pure profit. 


That much in that short of a time frame … I will gladly take the money. Thanks. Griff!


You can actually witness Griff’s market prowess TODAY. That’s right, TODAY AT 12 EST, Griff will be talking inflation and all the current macro economic factors affecting the market.


He has such great insight he can tell us which sectors are hot and which are not. Join him free-of-charge today — and receive a trade pick, too.


Now, onto my trade idea …


I’m McTrading This


I am looking at the Freeport-McMoran (TIcker: FCX) stock chart:



FCX made a huge (9%) move up yesterday, breaking out of the trading range and above the upper resistance line closing at $40.90.


I think it is going to trade higher, possibly back up to $45.


Looking at the options, I like to go for a quick, inexpensive shot, so that would be the Nov. 19 expiring next Friday.



      • If FCX opens and trades higher today, I will be a buyer of the Nov.19 41-strike calls and I will pay up to $1.19.
      • I will take profits on these around $2.50 and exit if they trade lower than $.85.

Trade Review


      • On Wednesday, I bought the iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF (Ticker:  LT) Nov.19 150.50-strike puts and paid $1.60. After the bond auction these fell out of bed and I sold them for $3.20 up 100%. (Thanks, Griff!)
      • In Coca Cola (Ticker: KO), I still have the Nov. 19 56.50-strike puts and still think KO is heading lower to $54.70.
      • In Alcoa (Ticker: AA), I paid $1.69 for the Nov. 19 48/53 call spread on Nov. 3 and sold it yesterday at $276 for a 63% profit.
      • I am still long the Nov. 19 30/50 call spread in Greenidge Generation (Ticker: GREE) and I think it still has the capacity to trade higher.


Don’t forget to see Griff TODAY AT 12 EST, you will learn a lot.


Thanks for Reading … See you at noon!


Licia Leslie

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