Covid and Borders

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After nearly two years, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention along with the Biden administration will allow fully vaccinated international travelers back into the United States beginning Nov. 8.


Non-immigrant travelers will need proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test taken no more than three days prior to their flight.


Non-vaccinated travelers, including U.S. citizens, will be required to show proof of a negative Covid test taken no more than one day prior to their day of departure.


To help with contact tracing, passengers are required to share basic information.


(And this affects our southern border, how? )


This should be good news as there is pent up demand for travel.



And with the holidays just around the corner, this could give the airlines a boost.


All In on AAL


I think the opening up of air travel and the stock chart may provide a boost higher in American Airlines (Ticker: AAL):



Yesterday’s candle is an inverted hammer and Thursday’s candle formed a hammer. 


Both can signal the end of a downtrend.


They are hammering out or forming a base.


If AAL opens and trades higher today, I will be a buyer of the Nov. 19 19.50-strike calls and pay up to $.75.



I will sell these if they trade down 30% to $.50 and I will take my profits at $1.50.


Trade Review


      • My Haliburton (Ticker: HAL) Nov. 19 puts are down a tad here. I think HAL will still trade lower.
      • On Saturday, I recommended the SPY Nov. 05 453/446 put spread and as SPY began to trade lower on Monday, I got caught in the head fake. I paid $1.80 for the spread and it closed yesterday at $1.25. If SPY doesn’t trade lower today, I take my loss on these.
      • Monday I bought the Taiwan Semiconductor (Ticker:  TSM) Nov19 114/109 put spread and I paid $1.73. The spread is down $.20 here but I think TSM can still trade lower.


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