[Alert] Options Advice Every Market Makers Does NOT Want You To Know

Hey Friends,

I want to tell you what market makers don’t want you to know…

Because it will change the way you trade…



What I’m about to say, many people may not be able to handle because it’s brutally honest. So if you can NOT handle the truth about how to make real money in the options market I recommend not reading any further.

Most people have heard the saying:

“Options are a ‘zero-sum game.’”

This simply means – when you win…

Someone ELSE loses.

And I’m good at making other people lose.

Harsh? – yes.

Reality? – ABSOLUTELY!

Once you learn that the other side is trying to make you lose, it completely changes the way that you approach trading options and more importantly HOW you trade options.

But I have more bad news for you, and another truth bomb –

It gets worse!

You see uncertainty in the market means that volumes get light (as anyone can see on this rally from just pulling up a chart)…

And when volumes get light, then spreads get wider…

And when spreads get wider, people make sloppy mistakes and market makers MOP UP.

That’s because mistakes equal whipsaws, and whipsaws equal losses (ie a market makers win).

This means that volatility is here to stay for awhile, because no one feels secure in this market, which means EVERYONE is just tip toeing around (ie light volumes).

Here’s a simple secret to never forget:

Insecurity = uncertainty = volatility

Uncertainty is going to be around for a while and that gives us one option –

…and that is to only be trading volatility.

This is the exact reason why I created my elite trading service Volatility Edge.

I jam packed this thing, so you can easily make BIG money trading options, make quicker gains trading the VIX, plus no longer have to worry about a market crash!

I did this, because I am considered one of the markets experts on the VIX and volatility, which is why I’m featured regularly on Jim Cramer’s show Mad Money.

More importantly though, it was my firm, when I traded on the floor, that originally created and traded the VIX!

I was a real options market maker for years and I now get to help others bring the fight to Wall Street and make losers out of THEM now!

While it’s awesome that a client of ours Steve A. recently said, “I’m up quite a bit on my portfolio this year, entirely thanks to these guys.”

…What’s most important is the performance.

Just recently, on May 18th, we put on a particular VIX trade that you only get as part of my elite trading service, that we ended up taking off in just one day for a 50% return!!

In fact, if you take all of our closed winning trades right now the average win occurs in as little as 4 days! Many of them occurred in just 1 day!

In Volatility Edge you’re going to get:

The best options trading service so you can make BIG gains trading which means you’ll grow your account faster
A professional options traders secret by trading volatility. This means you can make money with Wall Street’s fear gauge which means you can make money faster
A simple traffic light system for trading volatility (know when the market is about to move big… you’ll be able to trade the right option for the BIGGEST potential gains)
Access to Vol-Trader U, which enables you to master vol just like a professional trader so you can never worry about the market changing on you ever again
Email And Text Message Trade Alerts: Know the exact trade to put on so you will know when to enter, how to enter, and when to exit
A video and written walk through of every trade, every week, so that it’s fun, simple, and easy to make money.

If I totaled all of this up, it is over $18,688.

And I normally sell this for $1,997 a year.

However, I believe the past two weeks the market has been setting up for its next big move and so I’m opening up my yearly access to Volatility Edge.

Click here to see the amazing discount I’m giving everyone today.

PLUS for those that act now I’m also throwing in:

Bonus of my special book, VIX Primer, to show you exactly how to trade Wall Street’s most famous derivative just like the pro’s.
Access to my special “Corona Recovery Trade” – The only trade your portfolio needs no matter the shape of the economy’s return
Fast Action Bonus of a 3 hour live vol master class to have all your questions about the VIX answered by a real market maker.

I want this to be a no brainer for you which is why I’ve given it my money back guarantee:

If Volatility Edge doesn’t show me exactly how to make BIG money trading options… if it doesn’t take me by the hand, step-by-step to make quick money trading options… or if it fails to help me not worry about a market crash, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Not only that, if I dont deliver you 50 winning trades (yes you read that right) this year, then you can have your money back!

That’s how CONFIDENT I am!

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Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

P.S. – Every minute you wait to get “Volatility Edge” is another minute market makers will continue to dominate you and take your money. Put the power of my “Volatility Edge” to work for you so you can easily make BIG money trading options, make quicker gains trading the VIX, and no longer worry about a market crash!

P.P.S. – Seriously…if you see everything I’m giving you above, including my AMAZING guarantee, then you know that this is a no brainer.

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