Advanced Mentoring Program Syllabus

This is just a general overview, it can change with each individual client.

General Topics

Pre-recorded basic sessions

  • intro to options
  • intro to position management
  • intro to volatility
  • intro to risk control

How to use volatility to:

  • buy calls and call spreads
  • buy puts and put spreads
  • sell call spreads and sell put spreads
  • sell puts

Advanced Sessions

Pre-recorded basic sessions

  • Intermediate Volatility
  • Greeks
  • Intermediate position structures
  • Risk Management
  • SPY/equity option allocation and position management
  • Intro to VIX options

How To:

Generate basic long and short option positions

Buy and sell basic butterflies


Long Straddles and Strangles

Using SPY to hedge a portfolio

Wheel Trade for income

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