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Hey traders,

As you know the VIX Index gets its number from the trading of SPX options with 30 days to expire.

I thought I would take a look at SPX positioning for options that expire tomorrow afternoon.

I am wondering if the market is positioned for a cocktail of the Covid Vaccine getting based the advisory board (it did after the bell) plus the possibility of positive news on the stimulus front.

Take a look at the trading in SPX options that expire on December 11th.

There is some pretty heavy volume on upside calls expiring in a day.

Those have zero chance of being in the money past MAYBE the 3700’s unless….

There is a deal on the stimulus out of the bipartisan panel that is working in the house.

If we get a deal,  the SPX MIGHT sky rocket!

That would turn into a pretty nice return on some of those strikes above 3700.

The VIX light is RED

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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