Trading Legion Trio

Is something missing in your trading?

Do you have a sense that there’s a blind spot costing you money?

Well, you’re not alone — and it’s because the landscape has shifted.

With volatility down in today’s market, knowing the right individual names is more important than ever if you’re going profit trading vol.

And that’s why Option Pit’s Trading Legion is so important.

Three pro traders with nearly a century of experience not only teach you to know what to trade — but also how to execute trades that pay for themselves.

Check out the videos below from a July 15 live event to see what I mean.

Oh, and here are the five trades put on that day

      • TLT Sept. 17 140/147 put spreads
      • GDX Sept. 17 36/40 call spreads
      • JMIA Nov. 19 26/36 call spread and Nov. 19 17-strike puts 1-to-1
      • XLE Sept. 17 51-strike calls and 48-strike puts
      • IWM Aug. 20 220 calls and 206/218 put spread

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