Take A Look At This Rocket Stock

The Robinhood Trader has a profound effect on option flow.

The best most recent case is NIO.

NIO is a name that popped up on Little John a few days ago that we have ridden from 27 up to 39.

I think NIO is going higher too.


The Robinhood feedback loop is still going.

Take a look at trading on options that expire in 2 days:

NIO is trading above $38, and  172,000 $40 strike calls traded…


Against 20k open interest!!

Lets also not forget that 50k $37s,  100k $38s,  70k $39s,  and 50k $41 and $42s traded (in total).

That is just under 300,000 option contracts…MOSTLY OPENING…that expire in 2 DAY!!!!

Robinhood traders are setting up NIO to make the end of this ‘wave’ pretty wild.

I am looking for a push well above 40,  then some sort of ugly dumping.

There are stocks that are earlier in this cycle than NIO,  another name I am watching is…

I’ll tell you tomorrow (my Little John Subs get to see it 1st).

Your Only Option,


P.S. – I’m making a special downloadable report of all the insider intel that we gave at our special post election event. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. I’m working fast!

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