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Hey traders,

With Janet Yellen likely to join the Treasury Department next year,  there is suddenly talk that we could see this crazy thing called inflation.

Frankly we are already seeing hidden inflation in places like the grocery store…

…But that is masked by the fact that the Airline Tickets people are not buying and the hotel rooms people aren’t staying in are at decade low prices.

That said with the combo of the vaccine turning the economy back on PLUS a stimulus package to get us through the initial vaccination phase,  it is entirely possible that the dollar inflates.

If you don’t believe me,  believe this decent sized GLD call buyer.

A trader bought,  expiring NEXT December the December 2021  190-265 call spread:

Against almost no open interest in Dec 2021,  these are CLEARLY opening.

Trader paid $8.04 to be long GLD from 190 up to 265.

If he or she is right, that is a pretty nice pay off on an 8.00 bet.

In total the trader outlayed about 6 Million Dollars that GLD was going to go higher…

…that is nothing to ignore.

Could it be that we are heading for a weakening dollar?

Your Only Option,


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