Rules of the Road: Betting on it

Hey Traders,


A little bit of a change this week on Option Pit Rules of the Road!


I’m going to show you how I build a trade and a trading plan using my B.E.T.S system … the same one that I use to power Sharp Bets.


Remember, B.E.T.S stands for 


        • Background (the story of the stock)
        • Energy (the volatility)
        • Timing (when the trade should be executed)
        • Strike (the best strike price)

And you can learn to use it as your edge, too. So …


Check out Episode 5 right here!


The idea for this series to me after years of watching so many people try to get started without knowing the most basic rules of trading …


Now, especially in today’s crazy market, I feel like some traders need to spend a little time going through the “Rules of the Road” when it comes to options.

Consider it a “Driver’s Ed” for options!

But remember, this isn’t just for new traders …


This series will also be a great reference tool if you ever need a little refresher — and feature cool stuff like we have this week!


So check out Episode 5 now


Then make sure to subscribe to the Option Pit YouTube channel and get ready for a new “Rules of the Road” to drop each Sunday.


Hope you enjoy it!

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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