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“Always Be Closing…”


This is the most famous line from the Movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

But, to a trader these words take a different meaning.

I went back and forth with a client that bought options on a NIO.

He was lamenting the fact that he sold too early.

I asked him:  did you make money?

His answer was a quick:  yes, but not as much as could have?

I then asked him: 

‘Well what if the stock went to 20 after you sold?  Would you feel bad then?”

“No” he replied

I told him,  “then don’t complain.” 

You see, the key to this business is not squeezing the last dollar out of every trade…

…the key is to make the easy dollars as quickly as you can and move on.

When you have an easy winner,  close it and move on…don’t squeeze.

Squeezers are the type that will hold out on a position to make an extra dollar or two…

Meanwhile they are SO tied up concentrating on their current trade that they miss the next easy trade. (READ THAT AGAIN)

They are also the type that hold on AFTER the trade starts to turn.

“I was up 1000…now I am only up 800.00…I better hold on.”

Next thing you know THAT trader is begging to break even.

When I was on the floor,  I was both the ABC trader AND the trader that held on WAY too long.

In one case, I closed a bunch of short options that were worth .05 to .10.  

If I had NOT closed them,  the short options would have gone out worth 20.00!!

I was glad I practiced my ABC’s.

In another trade I failed to close a short call position, and the stock absolutely BLEW higher…

…COST me a TON of dough (even good traders get lazy sometimes).

When I practice my ABC’s I will make money…lots of money.

When I squeeze for more juice, I make less.

So ask yourself:  

“do you know your ABC’s or are you a squeezer?”

If you are,  go watch the Glengarry Glen Ross clip and take Alec Baldwin’s advice to heart because if you are not a closer….

One morning you will be too sick to your stomach to drink coffee…

Then you might tell yourself:  “Coffee’s for closers.”

Your Only Option,


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