Getting It (Partially) Backwards

The Option Pit VIX Light is Yellow:  Volatility is going to move wildly

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Now, about that Option Pit VIX Llight…

We did not get a ‘turnaround Tuesday’  on Tuesday.

We got a “how far can markets plummet?” Tuesday …

At the lows, the S&P 500 (Ticker: SPX) was off over 75 points …

VIX was up 2.18 points on the day, and touched as high as 23.73 …

But it was at the lows that we got a glimpse into the VIX that, honestly…

I was a bit surprised to see.

Tuesday was an ugly day almost completely across the board …

But I will say, midday looked a whole lot uglier than when the markets closed.

The S&P managed to rally 40 points off the lows …

And for a little bit, both the Nasdaq 100 (Ticker: NDX) and Russell 2000 (Ticker: RUT) turned green.

But … I would like to show you what I saw at the lows …

It’s called ‘partial backwardation’:

The green line is the cash VIX index.  

The yellow is the VIX futures curve.

It’s called ‘partial’ backwardation because the cash index got above a couple of futures prices …

This is a sign that the market is stressed, but that the big money has not started to really get scared.

Traders are racing for puts in the S&P 500 (thus the VIX is rallying) …

But it’s not scary enough to push the futures to break out of their standard formation of contango

We see this set up in 2 scenarios…

  1.  A VIX spike: This is a short-lived spike in the VIX that quickly fades, leading to a market rally.

  1. The beginning of a VIX swell: When the market is really due for some heat.

What has me concerned is that VIX correlation was already showing stress for several weeks ahead of this VIX move.

Remember, I changed the VIX light to yellow on Thursday because the VIX was correlating with the SPX …

Now we are starting to see forms of backwardation.

While I don’t think we are heading for some sort of doomsday scenario, I’m also not sure that what we are looking at is a short-and-simple VIX spike.

In other words, we could be heading for a few days — or longer — of market stress.

We are now at 50/50 odds that the VIX Light goes green. All it’s really going to take is one more shot higher in the VIX.

At that point I think the VIX futures are going to have to start reacting …

For that to happen, we will need a real bloodbath of a day though.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that I have started to add hedges to my trading in anticipation of a major VIX pop. The VIX May 25-40 call spread costs about $0.75. That’s a nice, inexpensive hedge that is similar to what I’ve been looking to implement.

However, I still would currently lean towards betting that we DON’T get a green light.

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what I think. This is precisely why I built this light: to stop me from making gut-feeling ‘judgement calls’ on volatility.

Volatility begets more volatility. I use the light to remove my own biases. And that might be one of the most useful parts of the VIX Light altogether.

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Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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