4 Articles On Our Memorial Day Reading List

Hey Traders,

Today was a market holiday, so the Option Pit VIX Light hasn’t changed from Friday’s red light.

So in lieu of a traffic light update, how about we take a look back into the Option Pit archives?

These are some of my favorite articles we’ve put out here at Option Pit. They’re quick reads, but packed full of valuable information that will help make you a better, more knowledgeable trader.

Those of you that have been with us a while might remember a couple of these, but for those of you that are new VIX Edge readers … these are worth your while!

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Now, for your Memorial Day reading list … 

      • Here Is Why The Market Is Tanking – I posted this piece on February 24, 2020 to talk about why the market was “tanking” … little did we know what was to come! This article discusses how backwardation in the VIX indicated potential volatility coming our way (again … little did we realize exactly what we were in store for!) and I said to be on the lookout for another catalyst that could send markets spiraling … which we got with the March lockdowns. I’ve never been one to say “I told ya so” but in this case, we definitely called it!

The date this article was published. Chart courtesy StockCharts

      • The VIX Light Is Red – Let’s Make It Green – If you’re wondering what turns a red light green, this article briefly touches on all four of the sub-indicators that make up the VIX Light. Here’s another recent article that goes through all four indicators as well. 
      • The Weekend Effect … Effect – I think you’ll find this piece to be very timely. Curious how a long weekend affects the VIX? Look no further. 
      • Spike or Swell – It’s not always easy to determine whether a VIX upswing has staying power or not, but there are clues you can look for. Figure out how to tell the difference between a VIX spike and a VIX swell in this article. 

We’ll be back to the usual programming tomorrow. Get out and enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

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Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian

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