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Our Membership Levels

Option Pit offers a variety of educational level memberships. Whether you're brand new to options trading, have a fundamental base or have experience trading, we provide the tools needed to help you become a profitable options trader. Choose your starting point and advance to the next level at your own pace. Join our Chat Room for new up to the moment trading strategies. If you are ready to become a proficient option trader, become an Option Pit Member.

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Group lessons taught by our professional option traders, is designed for traders who want to learn to trade Options for themselves.


Looking to brush up on your option strategies knowledge? 

Shop our inventory of packaged video lessons covering a vast array of topics available for purchase.

Big Money Flow

Each week, Option Pit CEO Mark Sebastian looks at size institutional option buying with a twist.  He mostly buys calls or puts to ride the large momentum trades.

Access to The Sharp B.E.T.S Weekly Trade

Proprietary Market Trade Report – Know exactly what's going on in the vol markets

Phone/Email Support+Text Alerts- Never miss a trade and ask us anything for help

Volatility Edge

Volatility Edge is run by Mark and uses the proprietary Option Pit VIX Light indicator to guide volatility trading.

Access to the Volatility Edge System

Daily Access to my Volatility Traffic Light w/written commentary

Access to Vol Trader-U: My special curriculum w/tons of hours for Vol Mastery

BONUS: My special book, Vix Primer, on everything you need to know about the VIX

Trading Legion

The Trading Legion is an intermediate-level education and a long strangle/calendar trading vehicle. The goal is to teach students the best times to buy options.

1 Year of live group, weekly mentoring w/Mark and AG

Access to my live trading room w/professional traders

An extra ADVANCED weekly trade – text directly to you start to finish

A year of SHARP B.E.T.S – For even MORE trades

BONUS: The trading course I took that started my market maker career

BONUS: Custom Professional Options Trading Course – loaded with my secret tricks!

Option Pit Professional

The Pro Room is Option Pit’s live access to Andrew and Mark during trading hours. Our Pro students post trade ideas with Mark and Andrew during the entire trading session. 

1 year of group mentoring session with Mark and Andrew Twice per week

1 year access to our Live Daily Pro Chat Room with dozens of trade ideas per week

Full access to the entire Option Pit Video archive and Store with 500+ hours of educational content cover every aspect of the option spectrum

Personalized Professional Trading Plan for the short term trader or the long term investor or a bit of both

24 individual options mentoring sessions tailored to help traders learn to exploit volatility edge from a floor trader perspective

A year of Sharp Bets for even more trades

Advanced Group Sessions with professional traders

The Option Pit Pro Training Course

Volatility Trading Club

The Vol Trade Club is run by me (AG), and employs a long strangle strategy that seeks to use VIX future decay to pay for upside VIX, VXX and UVXY options.

Edge Hunter

Weekly Live Group Mentoring session on just the VIX and Vol products, realized vol and option implied volatility

VTC trade strategy to learn how to pair and trade market neutral option strategies

Learn how to hedge equity portfolios and Iron Condors using VIX, VXX and SPY

1 Vol Trade per week plus daily, short term trade ideas

Text Service for in and out Vol Trading Ideas and adjustment

Daily Newsletter Update for volatility conditions, trades and trading strategy specializing in VIX and the VIX Curve.

Portfolio Tracking with a 75-45 Win/Loss rate all updated daily.

Edge Hunter

The Edge Hunter series of sheets is designed to read the market conditions and generate a trade based on volatility edge.  The 4 most accessible areas for a retail trader looking for vol edge are realized volatility, Skew, Forward Volatility and the VIX futures curve.

Robinhood Trading

Option Pit CEO Mark Sebastian uses the Robinhood Gamma Radar to find order flow in active names.

Capitol Gains

Option Pit DC and Wall Street insider Frank Gregory and  Andrew Giovinazzi run a portfolio approach to trading options with stocks that have good long-term prospects based on Frank’s K Street knowledge and my options expertise.