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What I’m finding especially valuable, perhaps even invaluable, are the weekly Gold Open Mic and Gold Lab sessions (and am especially appreciative you archive these sessions).  Arguably, these sessions alone justify the price of the Gold Course.

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The Gold level membership introduces:

  • the Option Pit Method of volatility trading derived from professional floor trading experience
  • the Greeks and volatility concepts
  • midterm trading with risk management principles

The Gold course features:

  • 12 modules of 10-14 units each (videos and homework lessons)
  • twice weekly live mentoring sessions (Open Gold Mic and Gold Lab)
  • one hour of 1 on 1 training
  • four months of direct access to our mentors
  • Tuesday’s Trade:  Weekly thorough trade ideas managed from entry to exit
  • The Trade Report:  In depth analysis of the week’s trade; the what, why and how
  • Weekly chat room to discuss the trade of the week, market conditions and questions answered
  • Unfettered access to myself and Option Pit’s other professional traders
  • Text message trade alerts with the EXACT action to be taken
  • The Option Pit Volatility Show on Fridays!
  • our detailed Trade Report with the specifics of the week’s trade (entry, exit and management)
  • email every morning before the market opening summarizing the day
  • Gold Library of 200+ hours of recordings covering a vast array of trading topics
  • plus your choice of three items from our Store (excludes Master Classes)

Upon completion you will have:

  • concluded our first level of professional risk management techniques
  • acquired an introductory base to Greeks, volatility, and spreads
  • an understanding of trading strategies
  • the ability to garner daily trading ideas
  • the skills to analyze option trades from entry to exit

The Gold level membership is the introduction to the Option Pit Method of Volatility Trading, introducing Greeks, volatility, spreads, Floor Trader position structure and risk management.  Gold focuses on mid-term trading and position management geared for traders who have limited day time access.  The self-paced educational portion is made up of 12 Modules with 10-14 Units in each module, which are videos and homework lessons.  Our group mentoring live sessions, Gold Open Mic and Gold Lab, cover one trade idea in depth per week and are offered twice per week for a 4 month period (32 group sessions).  Once you are near completion, you will receive a 1 on 1 session with one of our mentors to review your progress. The Gold Membership includes four months of Option Pit access which provides access to our Chat Room, Tuesday’s Trade, the Trade Report, twice weekly chat room, unfettered access to myself and Option Pit’s other professional traders, text message alerts with the EXACT action to be taken and the Option Pit Volatility Show on Fridays! Gold Level Membership also includes viewing access of our archive of 200+ hours of recorded lessons spanning a wide range of option trading topics.  In addition, you can shop our store for three items of your choice (excludes Master Classes). After you’ve completed this course, you will have witnessed live trading, learned the basics of volatility, Greeks, spreads, and risk management and will understand trading strategies.[/text_block]
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