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Hey Influence Traders,

In tonight’s live event with my Power Moves trading partner Andrew Giovinazzi, we’re going to reveal how we go behind the headlines to produce trades that are yielding profits of 100%, 155%, 400% and even 530%.


In fact, something happened last night that has me on alert.

Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Vote

Seventeen Republican Senators voted with all 50 Democrats in the Senate  to start the debate process on a $550 billion bill aimed at transportation, broadband and utilities.

This is by no means the final hurdle, but it does give President Biden a bit of momentum.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will have to keep at least 10 Republicans on his side, while Houseco-hort Nancy Pelosi will need to appease the AOC’s of the world, who are going to be upset with the bill’s “small” number.

Looming over this squabble is the Democrats $3.5 trillion spending bill that covers everything from childcare to climate change.

That’s a potential $4 trillion dollars combined, and even if just half of that is approved, imagine the massive money flows coming out of DC.

Predicting where that cash is heading and pairing profitable options trades with those ideas is what a secret project that Andrew Giovinazzi and I have been working on is all about …

You can get full details on it — and the gains we’ve made — when you register for tonight’s LIVE event.

See you at 8 p.m.!

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