We’re Gonna Have a Good Time!

Hey Influence Traders,

We had some big news out of D.C. yesterday, with a possible $3.5 trillion (with a “T”) spending deal put forth.

That’s going to finally bring some traditional and green infrastructure spending to the plate.


But first, today is July 15, and some famous people were born on this day, including Rembrandt van Rijn, the Dutch painter.

But as the Beatles said – It’s my birthday too, yeah!

Which it is, and Option Pit CEO Mark Sebastian, Director of Education Andrew Giovinazzi and Head Income Trader Bill Griffo are ensuring that “We’re Gonna Have a Good Time.”

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Yes we’re going to a party party

Yes we’re going to a party party

Yes we’re going to a party party

July 15th Birthdays

  • Rembrandt, pretty good painter
  • Clement Clarke Moore, author of “T’was the Night Before Christmas”
  • Edward Shackleton, English explorer
  • Jan-Michael Vincent, actor
  • Linda Ronstadt, American singer (did you know her original back-up band became the Eagles?)
  • Jesse Ventura, professional wrestler, actor and former governor of Minnesota
  • Johnny Thunders, punk rock guitarist for the New York Dolls
  • Forest Whitaker, actor
  • Brigitte Nielsen, actress
  • Frank Gregory, Option Pit DC and Wall Street insider

CPI to the Moon

Consumer prices rose 0.9% in June, according to data released this week by the Department of Labor.

The consumer price index (CPI), a closely watched gauge of inflation, increased to an annualized rate of 5.4% last month.

That blew away the anticipated 0.5% consensus estimates and followed a 0.6% jump in May.

June’s was the largest recorded since a 1% percent increase in June 2008.


Despite the economy going vertical, President Biden and Senate Democrats outlined a path forward on two infrastructure bills — one bipartisan and one with only Democratic support.

That meeting followed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Bernie Sanders announcing they had reached a deal on a $3.5 trillion Democratic-only package.

The Dem-only bill includes spending on health care, family care, education and climate initiatives that was left out of the bill backed by 20 bipartisan senators.

Democrats intend to pass the Dem only $3.5 trillion deal via the budget reconciliation process with support from all 50 Democratic senators

Sen. Joe Manchin, who had been the lone holdout on the Dem side, appears to have capitulated after saying earlier in the week that he opposed the measure.

Surprisingly, no mention was made of tax measures needed to pay for the bill, but the word on K Street is that it will include tax reforms to the corporate and international tax codes, as well as more intense enforcement.

There is Republican whispering that some may withhold their support for the bipartisan deal, given this new wrinkle.

The Dem proposal has a heavy focus on climate change, including:

  • A proposed tax on imports from nations that lack aggressive climate change policies
  • A mechanism known as a clean electricity standard that would require power companies to gradually ratchet up the amount of electricity they generate from wind, solar and other sources until they’re no longer emitting carbon dioxide
  • Tax breaks for wind, solar and other renewable energy, as well as electric vehicles
  • A “methane reduction fee”
  • Funding for a civilian climate corps, modeled after New Deal-era programs, to create jobs in addressing climate change and conservation

EV Charging Stations

The infrastructure bill proposed earlier this year contained money for renewable energy. 

This proposed bill amped up that original call.

That means money will go to the production of electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them.

Electrify America, which is owned by Volkswagen Group of America (Ticker: VWAGY), just announced the doubling of its charging network through 2025.

They want to get 10,000 chargers into 1,800 fast-charging stations in the US and Canada.

VW has committed to transition to EV by 2035 …

And with this infrastructure buildout, it now has the top fast-charging network open to all electric vehicles in the US.

VWAGY is already the largest open DC (direct current) fast-charging network in the U.S. and, according to its president, the “Boost Plan” will “double … current charging infrastructure in North America over the next four years.”

EV is coming to a corner station near you!

Cutting Through the Noise for You.


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