THREE Killer Stocks to Buy This Week!

Hey There Income Hunters, 

There’s a reason the rearview mirror is so small and the windshield is so big …

Because if we look in the rearview, we’re going to miss where we’re going.

That’s one of my favorite expressions — and it’s more true now than ever …

There is so much ahead of us this month and it is going to be explosive.

Here is the March Madness Top 5:

  1. $1.9 stimulus package — with “stimmy” checks possibly hitting this week

  2. $800 billion burning a hole in Janet Yellen’s purse that must be spent by the end of this month

  3. Jerome Powell doing his best “Twist and Shout” rendition that will send 10-year rates heading back to 1.25%

  4. Congress pivoting to a $2-$3 trillion infrastructure spending bill

  5. The potential for a $316 billion quarter-end rebalancing out of stocks and into bonds


No. 5 is most important for us Income Hunters — because we want to load up on a few key Blue Wave specials that will rock-and-roll as we head towards the most powerful Build America program since FDR in 1933 …

I have THREE killer stocks that I’m buying this week… that you need to buy this week … 

No. 1, Fisker Inc. (Ticker: FSR)

Fisker describes itself as the designer and manufacturer of “the world’s most emotion-stirring, eco-friendly electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions.”

  • FSR’s program is in high gear and remains on-track for a Q4 2022 production start.

  • The company says technology decisions will enable greater range, acceleration, advanced driving assistance and, overall, more content than initially planned.

  • Reservation’s were already at nearly 12,500 at the end of February.

  • Fisker has also announced an MOU with Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) to jointly develop a new vehicle under the Fisker brand starting in Q4 2023. 


No. 2, Blink Charging (Ticker: BLNK)

BLNK is a facilitator of a truly low-carbon economy….

The company’s charging network has expanded over the last few months. Its most recently announced deal is in San Antonio — to deploy up to 140 level-2 charging ports and three fast-charging stations throughout the city ..

The macro backdrop for electric vehicles is incredibly strong — some projections have sales rising 7x over the next five years.

All this hype had pushed BLNK’s stock price to nose bleed levels …

However, their price recently corrected 50% from its highs of $65 — and post-correction they completed a raise of $220 million at a public offering price of $41 per share …

BLNK is also an attractive acquisition candidate for oil and gas companies that seek to beef up their environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials

Plus, Investors hold 25% short Interest in BLNK.


No. 3 SunPower Corp (Ticker: SPWR)

SPWR is at the heart of the solar energy market, focusing on providing value-added services to the solar power system beyond the panels and converters, such as:

Design and market battery systems, software and user interfaces compatible with futuristic smart homes…

The company has restructured its business to focus purely on supply chain value-added service. Plus they have increased gross margins and decreased debt …

SPWR is profitable — and today offers good value after a 40+% correction … Plus they may get a boost in price if/when firms that have short 25.8% of shares outstanding are forced to buy them back …

Bring It Home

The size of the clean energy budget, cabinet appointments and reports from Washington indicate that a green transition is at the top of the president’s agenda…

The three companies above have positioned themselves nicely to capitalize on the growth opportunities ahead …

There is a lot of wind behind the sails of this trade — there is nearly $5 trillion likely to be spent in the next six months, with the last $3 trillion focused on green energy …

I am mostly interested in call spreads, which limit the capital outlay and maximize the risk/reward ratio …

Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,


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