The Delta Variant Is Picking Winners

Yo Pit Crazies,

I am out this week fishing and will be back Thursday for our first big Capitol Gains event.  

Remember the big issues for 2021 are …

      • Cyber Security
      • Lithium/EV 
      • Crypto Regulation
      • Green Energy
      • Infrastructure Spend
      • COVID and mRNA Biotechnology
      • Cloud

Crypto went off the hook as Coinbase (Ticker: COIN) and Pfizer (Ticker: PFE) jumped big again. I am still riding Capitol Gains calls in there, so what will the next winner be?

I can tell you right now something that we were looking at is suffering big time …

And it might be nice for Thursday.

Because the Delta variant is picking different winners.

What the VALE?

VALE SA (Ticker: VALE) is a commodity stock that should be winning.

But when a quick glance at the chart comes up, it is not. (See below.)

The news is taking some of the big commodity producers with it in what is a on-again/off-again Delta variant trade …

VALE six-month price and volatility.

I can see setting up a long strangle trade with a flat delta.

The VALE Sept. 17 19-strike put and 19-strike call is only $1.20 with a possible dividend announcement coming out.

Look for that on the Capitol Gains list.

The Lesson: Making a list of equities to trade from helps in selecting new trades.  Sometimes less is more.

Capitol Gains w/ Frank Gregory
Option Pit DC and Wall Street insider Frank Gregory and I run a portfolio approach to trading options with stocks that have good long-term prospects based on Frank’s K Street knowledge and my options expertise.

      • My Pfizer (Ticker: PFE) calls are up about 25%. Look for a possible put sale now that the volatility has jumped.

The closed trade log is here.

Pro Trading Room:
The Pro Room is Option Pit’s live access to Mark and myself during trading hours. Our Pro students post trade ideas with Mark and me during the entire trading session.

      • Kiran in the Pro Room noted that Moderna (Ticker: MRNA) has a market cap almost as large as PFE. I am looking at that for Capitol Gains, too.

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