Payrolls Jump and so does Volatility

While October payrolls increased 531,000 versus an estimate of 450,000, per yesterday’s jobs report, the more important number to note is the VIX.

The S&P 500's correlation with the VIX hit its highest level in 15-months this week. 

However, after the post-Fed vol crash, the VIX (+3%) and SPX (0.5%) ended up in the green on Friday. 

Today we will look at the warning signs and what we can expect next week …

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On to the week ahead!

Is the S&P 500/Vix Divergence a Sign of Looming Correction? 

It is incredibly interesting that on Thursday the VIX volatility index was up $1 while the S&P 500 was hitting a new all-time high. 

There aren’t many times this has happened in the past but when it does the S&P usually corrects.

Good Low Risk / High Reward Trade

The nice thing about a setup like this is you risk little by being long when the Vix is low. 

The VIX may grind higher in the short-term while the S&P trades sideways, but if the S&P rolls over you will get a nice spike in the VIX and capture a great return. 

VIX Trade

Here is a great Risk/Reward trade for the VIX:

  • BTO $VIX Nov17 18/19 call spread for $.34

Bring It Home

Divergences of highly correlated pairs can be a valuable trigger for profitable trades. 

I will put a portion of what I am comfortable with and if the infrastructure spending bill is passed I will add.

Then I’ll let the market do what it does.

Have a great weekend — and be sure to register for my event this Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.

Until then …

Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,


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