Own 100% allocated Gold and Earn 5.5% Interest


Hey There Income Hunters,


First there was Bitcoin (BTC), which you have to say is the gold standard of cryptos.


It’s widespread network and limited supply gives it a long lasting appeal.


Then came Ethereum (ETH). ETH is more than an exchange mechanism. Its ability to host thousands of centralised apps and smart contract positions make it a must-own.


Now there is PAX Gold (PAXG), which leverages blockchain technology with “real money,” the-test-of-time proven store of wealth … gold.


This is crypto at it’s best.


Paxos, a decentralised crypto broker and regulated trust company, offers a turnkey solution.


You can also purchase a PAXG ERC-20 token that represents one troy ounce of fully allocated gold in the most secure London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) vaults.


That’s not all …  you can deposit the PAXG token at Celsius, which is currently paying 5.5% “interest in kind" on PAXG….


PAXG may just become the most popular Crypto of all time. This total game changer allows investors to protect their wealth and compound 5.5% interest weekly at the same time.


Crypto Gets a Huge Boost


Yesterday’s announcement that Germany granted Coinbase a license for crypto custody services fueled a 10% rally in Coinbase above $246.


Coinbase has so much going for it as a one-stop shop exchange for over 50 cryptocurrencies. It provides deep liquidity, best-in-class fees and custody.


However,as you can see in the table below, the increase in volumes recently has come from other crypto assets. This is a great sign for the asset class in general….



I only see this trend continuing with additions like PAXG, which is built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain…. 


PAXG can be transferred or traded anywhere in the world. You can even own a fraction of an LBMA-accredited London gold bar.


That’s not all, you can deposit the PAXG token at Celsius who is currently paying 5.5% “interest in kind" on PAXG tokens. (I went into detail on the Celsius interest bearing CEL token last week.)


Historically, a  couple of issues that have hindered investors from owning gold in their core portfolios have been:

      • The fact that gold does not provide an income stream.
      • The history of central banks confiscating gold during periods of fiat currency weakness, similar to the current environment.

Now PAXG and Paxos crypto brokers provide a solution that addresses both issues…


PaxosTrust Company


      • Paxos is a trust company and custodian regulated by the State of New York Department of Financial Services.
      • A nationally ranked auditor will attest to the matching supply of PAXG tokens and underlying gold every month.
      • You can open an account with Paxos and purchase a PAXG token that represents one troy ounce of fully allocated gold held in LBMA vaults.
      • You can also get smaller amounts from physical gold retailers around the world.


PAXG Tradability 


PAX Gold is the only gold token that can be redeemed for LBMA-accredited gold bullion bars. 


Smaller amounts can be redeemed through a network of physical gold retailers. 


Paxos customers can always redeem for US dollars at current gold market prices.


Check it out and set up an account at PAX Gold


PAXG Technical Picture


After spiking to $.50 about a year ago, PAXG has settled down and built a base above $.05.


It has recently broken above the 50- and 200-day moving averages and appears poised to trend higher in the months ahead…



Bring It Home


I think this is a cryptocurrency that could be a game changer as the digital currency arms race evolves.


Owning gold within a decentralized network while earning interest adds tremendous value for investors seeking wealth preservation and wealth generation.

I will be purchasing some in the weeks ahead and will update you with additional information.


Until then…


Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,


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