Junior Miners Killed it Yesterday

Hey There Income Hunters,

J-Pow tried to knock us out with his hawkish/dovish two-step, but he could not keep a good portfolio down.

Griff’s Picks from last month took a bit of a licking initially, but the overall portfolio is now positive since inception …

Grande Portage Resources (Ticker: GPTRF) topped the list yesterday with a +11.7% day. GPTRF is a high-grade gold mine in Alaska that has a good shot to become a much larger facility …

Their recent new findings were very reassuring, and they could deliver a high multiple if the mine lives even partially up to management’s expectations.

Now, we just need the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (Ticker: GLD) to break out above the 200-day moving average on good volume to bring in institutional buying.

Today I’m including the Griff’s Picks results to date, plus giving you a new player that could easily 10X your investment and is worth a small bet for huge rewards.

More on that in just a minute, but first …

I, of course, will update all news on my miners in Power Income, so keep a look out for that.

PLUS I have a new round of Griff’s Picks ready to roll, with the first one set to be released LIVE Thursday at 1 p.m.

If you’re interested in getting in on these exclusive plays — and getting the entire Volatility Edge Quarterly+ at a great price — pick up the phone and give our Customer Care team a call at 1-888-872-3301 starting at 9 a.m. today. 

I will be focusing on currencies and commodities this time around and may throw in a couple of bonus miners.

The Miners Sweet Spot Portfolio

My miner selection process is designed for minimum risk and maximum reward.

I only purchase miners with proven results that their mine can produce assets. This is the point known as the “orphan period” when companies have shown initial positive drilling results.

At this point, they are still under the radar awaiting official feasibility studies. That period is the lowest risk/highest reward period of the entire mining cycle.

Investors have a chance to make as much as 5-10x their initial investment when investing during this time period.

Here is the full cycle with the second red oval offering the ideal risk/reward ratio for investors …

Griff’s Picks Volatility Edge Miner Portfolio

As part of the Volatility Edge program, in July I selected 6 miners that are in their pre-production zone and are undervalued based on initial drilling results.

During the next couple of years, we could see a number of them get bought out by the big boys like Freeport McMoran (Ticker: FCX), Newmont Mining (Ticker: NEM) or Wheaton Precious Metals (Ticker (WPM)

Swing for the Fences With Reyna Silver (Ticker: RSNVF)

Reyna is potentially a big prize and they’re talking the talk.

“Everything tells us this is the biggest carbonate replacement deposits (CRD) system in Mexico,” top Reyna geologist Peter Megaw said.

The company drilled the first set of targets and is awaiting the assay results, which should be out the week of Sept. 7

This is a big land package (over 11,700 acres), so the first drills are more about triangulating where the source is, rather than how much silver might be in these first holes. That’s what we’ll want to watch for in the upcoming press release about the results of this drill program, which is something the average retail investor may not completely grasp related to how the results get the company closer to pinpointing the source …

Go Big or Go Home

I like this pick because we won’t have to wait long to see if management is correct in their expectations.

However, you should only invest what you are willing to lose … This could easily be a 10-bagger, but it can also be a loser.

I am buying 200 shares. $120 bucks to win $1,080 is well worth the outlay.

Bring It Home

To keep an eye on the mining stocks in the portfolio and view all trades in Power Income, go to OptionPit Trading Records.

As always …

Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,



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