Jerome Powell Told Us Everything We Need To Know …

Hey There Income Hunters,


I was shocked yesterday watching Fed chair Jerome Powell deliver his speech at the Wall Street Journal Jobs Summit.


Truly, I have never seen anything like it. His key message with this:


We will consider raising rates under the conditions of:

Maximum employment (defined as 3-4% unemployment), and


Inflation sustainably at 2% — and on track to run moderately above 2% for some time….


One of the most powerful men in the world tepidly repeating the same talking points over and over … 


It’s official: J-Pow has become Janet Yellen’s puppet.


I’m serious. Yellen has obviously taken total control of our monetary system …


And that has massive ramifications for trading — which will actually make it a lot easier to make money …


In today’s video I lay out exactly what’s going on and leave you with an awesome risk-reward trade. Watch above …


Live and Trade with Passion My Friends,



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