How to Make Money on Your Money with Digital Dollars

Hey There Income Hunters,

Back in June I introduced a way to move your paper dollars into digital dollars and earn almost 9% interest on your investment. See the details here

Well, your investment just received a huge security boost.

Coinbase (Ticker: COIN) president Emile Choi announced this week that reserves backing the US Digital Stablecoin (USDC) will be consolidated into cash and US government bonds exclusively…

Find out what this means for your investment into digital dollars — and to get set up and begin making real money on your money.

Why The Change Was Implemented

Choi said the change is due to the negative feedback against USDC  reserves expanding into riskier assets. The new policy begins next month, and the changes will be validated by Grant Thorton, a global top ten accounting firm.

So, instead of holding dollars in a bank or under your mattress, transferring them into a regulated digital dollar has become a lot more attractive. Decentralized digital dollars are now backed by fully reserved riskless assets, redeemable on a one-for-one basis.

USDC on the Rise

A move to a decentralized platform enables investors to manage finances on an open, standard and public smart contract platform, which eliminates time and money … 

It is basically programmable money … simple if/then statements programmed into your transactions ….

Rules are set so when specific criteria are met then certain movements are made to transfer your funds.

USDC allows you to bypass third party vendors and transact in less than 4 seconds directly with  your counterpart anywhere in the world …

Notice USDC’s growth below — and this was prior to the announcement on securing the coin with riskless assets …

I believe we will see tremendous growth in USDC in the years ahead. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The USDC coin is an Ethereum token, and you can store it in an Ethereum-compatible wallet. I use my Coinbase wallet. By holding your coins in a hard wallet, you eliminate any hacking risks.

  • The coin enables you to move dollars globally from your crypto wallet to other people, businesses, or exchanges …

I use Coinbase as my exchange for purchasing USDC, from here I can send it to a platform that will pay rewards.

I use Celsius as my crypto bank. They currently have just under 1 million users and once you open an account and transfer your USDC, you can earn the 8.8% rewards every week and maximize your compounding.

It’s a riskless way to earn a living in retirement.

Bring It Home

I am very bullish on the USDC (as you might have guessed).

You should consider investing even just a tiny portion of your savings into the USDC. Stake them through Celsius and see for yourself how this works and gain confidence in the network.

The crypto digital finance world is moving fast, and Governments will be way too slow to get ahead of the crypto revolution.

I will follow this newsletter up with two additional Crypto updates.

Until then …

Live and Trade With Passion My Friends,


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