Hedge Fund Excitement

Hey Influence Traders,

It’s the first day of August and … the Weekend!

If you weren’t tuned into #PowerMoves and #OptionPit, you missed a helluva a week.

The Launch of YOUR Hedge Fund

On Thursday, Andrew Giovinazzi and I launched our hedge fund project, Capitol Gains!

We’ve worked very hard to build this product and provide the Deep Information + Precise Execution that equals Massive Gains.

We’re so confident in our process that we are going to give you an incredible money back guarantee.

Because our goal is to allow you to trade your own hedge fund, minus the massive fees and minimums.

Here’s something you need to know about hedge funds …

They’re not run by individuals. They’re run by teams.

And when Mark Sebastian introduced me to Andrew, I knew that we had the team that I’ve been looking to build.

We take the deep, inside knowledge of K Street and Wall Street that I’ve developed over decades, run that information through a highly defined process, and Andrew, one of the best options traders of the last 30 years, builds Washington-influenced winning trade ideas.

Does it work?

During our two-month pilot test, we had nine 50% winners along with top-end gains of 100%, 155%, 400% and even 530%.

And that’s how the hedge funds do it: Deep Information + Precise Execution = Massive Gains.

See everything that Capitol Gains has to offer here.

We are so confident in what we’ve built that we are backing up Capitol Gains with this guarantee: if we don’t produce at least twelve 50% plus winners in twelve months, you get your money back.

If you still have questions, email support@optionpit.com, and our Customer Care team will get you squared away.

Don’t miss this opportunity — space is limited and introductory prices won’t last long.


      • The U.S. seems to be doing well in Olympic swimming, and after some gymnastics drama we still managed an individual gold.

      • Robinhood (Ticker: HOOD) had its IPO. The launch was rocky, but more than 300,000 HOOD users bought in.

      • President Biden announced a new proposed rule to strengthen domestic supply chains for critical goods.

The bipartisan infrastructure plan came back to life when a group of Senators reached a deal on the “major issues” in their talks, and the Senate voted 67-32 to take up debate on the bill.

While nothing is set in stone, it was a big moral victory for the Biden administration.

Details are being debated as I’m writing the letter, and the bill might make it to Biden’s desk early this week.

      • US economic growth rose to 6.5% last quarter … but the administration still says it’s not worried about inflation (!?).

      • Biden’s antitrust dream team grabbed a win.

Antitrust Win

After having its case against Facebook (Ticker: FB) tossed recently, the Biden administration got its first major antitrust win.

By indicating a willingness to fight, it convinced Aon (Ticker: AON) to call off its $30 billion takeover of rival insurer Willis Towers Watson (Ticker: WLTW).

Attorney General Merrick Garland argued that killing the deal was good for competition because merging two of the three biggest insurance brokers would “likely lead to higher prices and less innovation.”

The potential litigation delays convinced AON to scrap the deal and pay a $1 billion termination fee to WLTW.

Antitrust actions are just heating up.

The Capitol Gains Roundup

With the launch of our hedge fund — Capitol Gains — there will be some changes to the Power Moves Portfolio.

Going forward, our closed trades will be included in the updated Power Moves track record.

While actionable and live trades will only be available to subscribers.

But we’ll continue to make #powermoves. (Our annualized gain in the fund currently sits at 60%.)

      • During the webinar, Andrew and I went deep on Ford (Ticker: F).

We told you the catalyst for the idea, why it got into the Capitol Gains portfolio, and the trading strategies Andrew utilized to get 100%-plus gains on a pretty boring stock.

Last week F slayed its earnings forecast and announced massive pre-orders of its new F-150 Lightning EV truck.

We also heard through the K-Vine (as in K Street) that the Biden administration will be issuing new vehicle mileage standards that exceed those under the Obama administration.

The goal is to push 40% of U.S. drivers to use electric vehicles by 2030.

A Ford spokesperson stated that the company expects 40% of its worldwide sales to be electric by 2030.

And the Ford F-150 has been the #1 selling vehicle in America for decades.

On that positive F news, we added play in Ford that is available now to subscribers.

      • Steel has also been a hot commodity and Cleveland Cliffs (Ticker: CLF) is a well-run company that will benefit from the Biden administration’s recently enhanced buy American initiative.

We closed the CLF Aug. 20 12/17.5 put spreads for $.20 and sold them at $.45

      • Coinbase Inc (Ticker: COIN) is our way of playing crypto. It was always contrarian given the rumors that the US was going to move to slam the door on cryptos, particularly Bitcoin (Ticker: BTC).

Well friends, the infrastructure proposal included projected revenue of $30 billion in taxes on crypto.

The average folks need COIN to trade.

The IRS needs COIN to track.

Like it or not, it’s a good marriage.

On top of that, it was reported that Bank of America (Ticker: BAC), one of the nation’s largest custodians of assets, has formed a cryptocurrency research team to figure out how to profit on the assets.

And the first BTC mutual fund has launched.

We sold twp COIN call flies at $3.00 on the rally fail.

      • Palantir (Ticker: PLTR) is a solid play on cyber security, which is getting critical attention from DC given the attacks on private industry and infrastructure.

We sold five PLTR July 30 23-strike calls and that paid for PLTR July 30 20-strike puts. 

We are net long the PLTR Aug. 20 21-strike calls from $1.60 this trade.

The live Power Moves Portfolio trade log is here.

Cutting Through the Noise for You.



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