Fast as Lightning

Hey Influence Traders,

Well, that was a fun market yesterday.

A lightning bolt sent stocks tumbling and Bitcoin clanking to a four-month low.

But some things are looking up …

My colleague Licia Leslie’s candlestick-based system has been slaying it.

In fact, she’s posted recent gains of 95%, 96% and 130% — not too shabby!

Better yet for you, my readers can join her for a LIVE event today at noon EST where she’ll show you exactly how she decides which options to purchase to take advantage of the candlestick signals fueling her trading success.

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That’s a definite #PowerMove!

Administration Is Unwavering

President Biden is pushing forward with his tax-and-spend infrastructure plan.

Janet Yellen jumped on the bandwagon and asserted that Biden’s “investments and tax proposals” will “enhance the net profitability of our corporations and improve their global competitiveness.”

She did wistfully “hope that business leaders will see it this way.”

More Trouble for the Gig Economy

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to support Uber's (Ticker: UBER) attempt to avoid a lawsuit over whether UberBLACK drivers are employees and not independent contractors. Employees become eligible for a host of benefits that raise costs.

The case will now return to the 3rd U.S. Circuit for further litigation … 

And the outcome could have a huge impact on “gig economy" companies that rely on independent contractors rather than employees.

Most of the gig stocks traded flat on the news but have been trending down the past month on this and similar news.

And all gig companies are not created equal, of course.

Uber had a breakout in October that has left it up on the year.

Earnings have also surprised (it still loses money but not as much) and Uber believes it could see positive earnings in 2021.

Also, the suit only impacts a subset of drivers.

So the Street seems to be ignoring the news … for now.

The outcome of the suit is 50/50 at this point.

But the suit goes sour, it will impact earnings. I’m monitoring.

A New EV Competitor?

We’ve got a new entrant to the electric vehicle market that might give Tesla (Ticker: TSLA) a run for its EV money … particularly in the U.S.

Ford Motor Company (TICKER: F) builds pretty basic cars and trucks and it’s taken a winding road to newfound EV competitiveness.

Earlier this year, F announced its entrance into the electric vehicle market by unveiling an EV, SUV version of the venerable Mustang …

And that abomination was quickly — and rightfully — taken by the market as unadulterated sacrilege.

Having owned a 1966 Mustang, I, for one, was neither enthused or amused. 

The Mustang is an ICONIC two-door, 8-cylinder, gas-guzzling, muscle car.

I — and many of my DC and Wall Street contacts — viewed the EV SUV Mustang as a failure along the lines of the Edsel or 1978 Pinto.

Sweet Redemption

But this week, Ford took a major step toward EV redemption.

President Biden went to Detroit to push his infrastructure plan and to test drive the soon-to-be- released EV F-150 pick-up truck called the Lightning.

Yes, someone let Biden get behind the wheel.

He liked it. It’s fast. It’s an EV. It’s built by union workers.

But why is this really big news?

Because Biden didn’t crash the car!

More seriously, there are two important data points to consider …

      • In the U.S. today, less than 2% of new car sales are EVs.
      • The F-150 pickup is the best-selling vehicle in America.

Since 2015, F has sold more than 800,000 F-Series trucks on average annually …

And the administration hopes that the EV F-150 will kickstart the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S.

For its part, Ford’s president of the Americas and International Markets Group touted the company’s EV-certified dealer network and its R&D into battery technology while supporting Biden’s push to build-out the country's EV charging network.

This good news was not spotless, however …

Ford also announced this week that it would have to slow down or halt the production of a few vehicles, including the Mustang, Escape, Bronco Sport and … the F-150 pickup due to the infernal and ongoing global chip shortage.

I’m going to keep an eye on this OLD company’s NEW entrance into the EV space.

If the chip issue clears up and production goes full throttle, perhaps we’ll capture lightning in a bottle.

Cutting Through the Noise for You,


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