Portfolio Management Using Options

Our 10 hour program for Investors, Money Managers and RIA's

Simple Stock Replacement with Options and Risk/Reward pay out strategies  

Synthetic Basics- what does the position really do and how will it perform in a market panic 

Cash Secured Puts and “income myth”- risk/reward of put selling in a serial strategy  

Call Writing Strategies- when to write a call and when not to write a call  

Put Spreads and risk controlled put spread selling- How to embed long puts in an income strategy  

How to Roll Puts – Long put selection strategies for long Equities, ETF’s and Index postions  

Buying Options- Long term option buying strategies for natural portfolio hedging  

Index Options hedging strategies  

Volatility Primer- Using volatility for trading strategies  

Options in an Equity Portfolio- How to generate better returns putting it all together