Another One Bites the Dust

Hey Influence Traders,

Trading guru Andrew Giovinazzi is still knocked on his ass fighting COVID.

We wish him well.

Despite that, he has knocked out another 100% gainer!

Your Capitol Gains hedge fund is slaying.

The Biden administration … not so much.

The President has gone into seclusion over the debacle in Afghanistan.

It’s so bad that even CNN took him to task in a rare bout of criticism.


All levity aside, let’s start by wishing for the safe return of our citizens serving in Afghanistan and hoping that the people of Afghanistan make it through this trying time.

      • My thoughts are particularly with the women and girls of the country, who suffered horrible oppression when the Taliban was last in power.

In quick order, the Taliban has swept through the country, captured the presidential palace, and declared an Islamic Caliphate in the country.

      • The new regime was immediately recognized by China, which wishes to exploit the country’s massive critical mineral reserves.
      • With the Taliban having taken control of the country over the past few months, poppy farming and heroin production are at an all time high – it is a key source of revenue for the Taliban.
      • Perhaps it’s time to take a trip to Kabul and check it out – according to CNN, the Taliban seem very friendly despite chanting “death to America.”

With the exception of a tremendous amount of finger pointing, much of it deserved, and little-to-no acceptance of responsibility, not much has been taking place in DC the past few days.

But the Biden Administration did take time to announce the largest-ever increase in the food stamp program, claiming it would “stabilize our democracy.”

      • The increase, which does not need congressional approval and which is intended to be permanent, provides a 20% increase in monthly stipends over their pre-pandemic levels to all 42 million beneficiaries.
      • It raises the total cost of the program to around $80 billion per year.
      • Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack claimed that not increasing the stipend would cause people to revolt against the government and lead to political instability.
      • Seems more like another attempt to create and shore up a dependent voting class.

It also announced that it would vote against decisions by the World Bank and other multilateral development banks to fund fossil fuel projects.

      • Specifically, the U.S. said it would oppose new coal-based and most oil-based projects, with exceptions for some natural gas and carbon capture projects.
      • The exceptions caused some environmental groups to argue that the guidance did not go far enough to eliminate fossil fuel financing. 

House Speaker Pelosi continued to push to tie the $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending bill to the $3.5 trillion budget resolution bill (aka the partisan boondoggle bill).

      • But a moderate group of Democrats are pushing back arguing that a quick vote should be taken on the infrastructure bill alone.
      • Pelosi is holding her ground on trying to tie the two bills together.

The Capitol Gains Roundup

We are knocking down the Capitol Gains “12 50%+ winners or your money back” guarantee like dominos.

Andrew closed out a Pfizer (Ticker: PFE) call spread for a 100% return!

Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come; particularly when Andrew is back on his feet!

Let’s wish him well!

The live Power Moves Portfolio trade log is here.

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